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Below are our services; click on an image below to learn more.

agile career mentoring

For individuals aspiring to the next level in their agile career or looking to further develop their career as an agile coach

Agile Practice TEAM advisory

Advisory services to those leading, managing or enabling agile practice teams (COEs) within organisations

agile coaching team establishment

For organisations seeking to build their agile coaching capability. I provide a service to procure, induct, onboard and manage teams of agile coaches as a manged service.

agile Consulting

Solving problems with agile is a service that combines my agile coaching strengths with the 12 years of business and delivery experience I have across multiple sectors/industries.

We're always open to have a general discussion on any of the above; just reach out for a chat via the contacts page. 
If you'd like to work with Niall, please watch the video below to understand how we can help.

If you'd like to hire me as a mentor, advisor or consultant to help you, your practice team or the organisation your work for, then jump over to the contacts page or book some time for us to chat. Below are some more words for you to read if you don't like to watch videos ;-)

WHO I work with

Agile Practitioners & those that lead practitioner teams

I work with people that "get agile" and want to master the art of enabling clients to change the way they work. You have a connection to agile as a way to work and are passionate about helping teams to "get stuff done" but never at the expense of the people doing the work.

I focus on helping agile coaches and consultants including roles such as scrum master, Release Train Engineer, Product Owner, chapter lead, agile practice lead, consulting practice lead or centre of expertise lead, head of agile capability. or similar roles.

Business Brainstorming


Coach agile practitioners to conduct


Agile career mentoring

Build agile coaching competence for the enterprise

My services have a laser focus on delivering outcomes for your clients, your career, a practice team or across an organisation

Within this focus area I provide these services:

  • agile coaching capability and performance; assessment, management and uplift.  

  • establishing a learning community model within an agile practice team

  • agile career coaching and mentoring for individuals

  • sourcing, deploying and managing teams of agile coaches to support change at scale


WHAT you get

Improved outcomes from client conversations.

An acceleration in your agile career

Agile coaching competency uplift

I'm so passionate about getting agile adopted as THE way to get stuff done that I wrote a book about it with the sub-title

"How to accelerate your coaching outcomes with meaningful conversations"

That's essentially what you'll get if you or your team work with me. Whether you hire me as your mentor or to support your practice team, I aim to improve outcomes through building self-awareness, community and most importantly capability to perform.

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