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I've put together a mentoring program for agile practitioners, coaches, consultants or leaders

We'll spend up to 6 months working together developing your agile coaching, consulting or advisory skills. I'll support you to identify, go after and ultimately get an agile role that best suits where you are, what you can do and your career vision.


Here's what this program gives you:

  • 4 or 8 hours of face-to-face time with Niall over Zoom

  • An assessment of your agile coaching/consulting style

  • A honest professional assessment of your agile capabilities

  • Mapping of your agile capabilities against what the market wants/expects

  • A resume and LinkedIn profile review, edit and refresh

  • Discovery workshop to find your personal/professional WHY within agile

  • A learning and experimentation backlog to help get the role you want

  • Collaborate with Niall to present at Meetups and within communities he hosts

  • Unlimited email coaching support from Niall during our work together

It all starts with a free intro chat

Some kind words from those I've mentored


Anju Gahlawat,
Agile Coach at Accenture

Niall has been an exceptional coach and mentor to me. His attitude of providing me enough space to explore more of me, willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening actively, are all qualities that I’ve learned from. Beyond that, as a Coach/ mentor he has always tried to generate a dialogue so as to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to instantly get to a conclusion. His constant support in my coaching journey has been invaluable.


Rajat Bhalla
Agile Coach at Westpac

Niall and I worked together at Telstra. Niall would always look to help his mentees by giving them just enough direction and helping them learn through their own experience. He was quite comfortable in coaching the leadership team and sharing his insights with rest of the coaching group. As a leader of the coaching group at Telstra, Niall was successful in shaping the practices of the sub-org whilst taking them further on the path to maturity. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Niall and everyone who worked with him shares the same opinion, I am sure. 


Michael Lambert
Lead Developer at Vault IQ

Through my regular conversations with Niall I have gained an understanding of the importance of responding instead of reacting, of knowing when to tell or show and when to give space; I've also gained a greater understanding of my unique coaching style. Niall's coaching and mentoring can provide value to anyone on their Agile journey. From team lead to consultant to agile coach, no matter how mature your Agile adoption is, coaching and mentoring from Niall will help propel your Agile career.

It all starts with a free intro chat