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Delivery of Boxes

Agile delivery problems

Within your organisation:

  • 'promised' dates are usually not met

  • there's a lack transparency of status

  • quality is below expected levels

  • infrequent release value to the business 

  • no sense of urgency to get work to DONE

Systems designed to deliver on agreed dates are at the centre of why agile came into existence in the first place. But as we all know just changing to agile delivery methods does not guarantee an uplift in performance.


For an agile coach / consultant here is a lot of work around currently aimed at "fixing" dysfunctional agile delivery models. Often some direct investment in specific areas can yield high returns; read below for example JOBs that Niall can do in this problem area:

Delivery optimisation and acceleration

Often I arrive to support a "failing" initiative only to find they are doing 90% of things really well. It is the 10% that causes 80% of the delays to delivery.

The work I do in this problem area has the highest return on investment for customers as I unblock the system of work

Agile delivery assurance assessment

This JOB entails an assessment of the agile delivery system and recommends areas for improvement.

This can be a collaborative assessment done with an existing team or can be undertaken on existing delivery methodologies owned by a PMO

Stalled project remediation / rescue 

Sometime despite the best efforts of a delivery team things go "off the rails" and an outside perspective and opinion can help to reset the way of working and provide a fresh start.

This work involves interviews, observation and direct intervention/facilitation. 

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