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Four types of problems Niall can help solve

My core passion and competency is solving difficult problems through agile practices/frameworks together with coaching, training and development services. The problem categories shown below represent the challenges some of my previous consulting clients have faced and I have helped solve with them. These areas are also where I shine and excel in helping. Read some of the testimonials to get a sense of what my customers are saying; then scroll down to check out my focus areas.


Sam Power
Agile Delivery Lead, National Australia Bank

I highly recommend Niall to anyone looking to drive Agile cultural change within an organisation or project. Niall is the consummate professional and embodies Agile and lean thinking in His everyday work.I worked with Niall on a major program of work at Telstra, and I consider Niall to be a thought-leader in implementing agile at scale. Niall was able to strike a delicate balance of being a pioneer by leading from the front, and servant leader, encouraging others to grow within the project.


Dr. Darren Gandel
Senior Agile Coach at Department of Education & Training

Niall is an amazing agile coach who actively displays his years of industry experience. He has a wide and deep understanding of agile ways of working coupled with on the ground experience in many challenging and complex environments. Moreover, he has great stakeholder management skills and always drives to achieve a positive outcome. Niall is someone you can count on to drive productive agile transformations and capability uplifts in your organisations


Antony Marsh
Agile and Lean Coach

Niall came into UHG as a senior consultant during a period of rapid change, and had to deal with challenging stakeholders in the operational side of the business, in the dev team and at executive level. Niall was able to handle the situation with aplomb and tact to help coax the UHG collective team towards a better and more unified approach to the improvement of the business.

We're not agile capable

Within your organisation you have:

  • the wrong mix of skills/experience

  • under-performance issues

  • a lack of knowledge or expertise

  • ill-defined roles & responsibilities

  • an inability to quickly scale capability

Agile is not delivering

Teams within your organisation:

  • do not consistently get work completed

  • don't have what they need to provide accurate, timely reports on status

  • cannot provide enough delivery predictability

  • are overwhelmed or overloaded with conflicting priorities

  • have trouble dealing with scale and complexity whilst using agile delivery methods

How we operate isn't agile

Your supposedly agile organisation is:

  • overly complex and slow to respond

  • command & control & hierarchical

  • spending too much time doing business with itself (hand-offs)

  • not arranged around value delivery

We lack an Agile Mindset

In your organisation there is a need for:

  • expert agile coaching support and advice

  • executive leadership coaching and offsite facilitation

  • experiential role play workshops to help shift mindset

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