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Agile capability problems

Within your organisation you have:

  • the wrong mix of skills/experience

  • under-performance issues

  • a lack of knowledge or expertise

  • ill-defined roles & responsibilities

  • an inability to quickly scale capability

Few people go to work not wanting to do their best; but what can happen is employees find themselves ill-equipped to face the challenge of adopting new ways to work. Often organisations scale up their adoption of agile but underestimate what is required to bring their people along for the journey.


Some direct investment in specific areas can yield high returns; read below for example JOBs that Niall can do in this problem area:

Capability self-assessments of agile roles

Through interviews, observation and analysis Niall can quickly provide you with a snapshot of your agile capability and provide recommendations on where the highest return is to be gained through an investment in capability.

Mentoring and on-the-job learning

Classroom training is expensive, disruptive and will never have the same relevance compared to learning whilst on-the-job.  Niall has an "out of the box" program that emphasises learning via experimentation on-the-job. Mentoring groups are important here too.

Mentoring and coaching support

Agile training is a small part (10%-ish) of any development approach; 90% is best done on-the-job with and through those around you.

Establishing the framework for an effective agile mentoring and coaching program within your organisation is a cost effective means to lift your agile capability. Once set up is should be self-sustaining.

Enterprise Agile Coaching support

It is hard to justify employing a permanent Enterprise-level Agile Coach; but Niall is available on short term engagements to provide on-the-ground direct coaching support at any level of your organisation.

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