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Operating model problems:

Your supposed to be agile; but:

  • nobody is owning problems

  • we manage by escalation (not collaboration)

  • we spend too much time doing business with ourselves (hand-offs)

How and when different groups/teams of people interact with each other is a key aspect of designing for agility.  Often a poor operating model is at the heart of the persistent barriers to adoption of agile as a way to work. Working as an agile coach / consultant Niall can recommend small changes in specific areas can yield high returns. JOBs that Niall specialises in include:

Agile operating model review

Optimising the flow of work through a system depends on many things but how the organisation is designed to operate is one of the most critical.

Agile operating models have key practices, events and artefacts that underpin value delivery.

Often a short but deep review or collaborative workshop is enough to get the design right.

Agile organisation design review

Getting the right people into suitable roles with the right responsibilities is the best way to avoid a large requirement for agile coaching.

Put the wrong person into a role they're not suited to and you have an org design problem that will be hard to fix; even with the best coach.

Agile transformation review

I often get called in to answer two questions from the sponsor of an agile transformation
"What is the next step for us?"

Closely followed by

"Are we on the right track?"

Getting Niall in to give you piece of mind with honest independent opinion is what this job is all about.

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