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A shift in mindset is required

In your organisation there is a need for:

  • expert agile coaching support and advice

  • executive leadership coaching and offsite facilitation

  • experiential role play workshops to help shift mindset

There are quite a few people in the agile industry that will not enter into an agile consulting engagement unless the leaders are on board and leading the way. To leave the senior management and executive teams until the end of an agile transformation is more common that you think.

Never fear; it is never too late to have a change of mind (set). Bringing in Niall to work with senior managers and executive is a JOB that has the potential to unlock stalled transformations or simply accelerate one you are about to commence.

Executive agile coaching & facilitation

Hiring a professional certified coach who also knows agile is one of the best approaches to supporting a shift in thinking with senior members of staff.

A change in mindset and adoption of agile practices by executives shows all employees that the change to agile is to be taken seriously.

Short term Enterprise Agile Coaching

Industry expert agile coaches are expensive to hire full time, so having short term access to an enterprise agile coach is one way to get the knowledge and experience you need when you need it. 

Experiential workshops, role plays for mindset

Workshops and activities that provide participants a novel way to see their world from an alternate perspective helps to shift mindset. 

By utilising facilitation and games Niall can help  shift people's thinking and mindset whilst having fun!

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