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agile coaching that gets the job done

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We provide training and development services that build agile coaching capability for individuals as well as across agile centres of expertise/excellence (practitioner teams). Our service is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the skill of agile coaching as it applies to the implementation of new ways of working within an organisation. If you are in any of the following roles you'd benefit from what the academy can offer:

  • agile team membersteam/chapter leads

  • agile coachesagile team facilitatorsscrum masters

  • SAFe practitioners, RTE or SPC

  • agile delivery leadsagile project managers

  • agile sponsors, leaders or managers

We offer ONLY agile coaching training and development; we specialise so we bring you only the leading thinking in a very specific competence.​ We believe agile coaching should do two things:

  1. get the job done (as defined by the client/sponsor)

  2. build psychologically safe and sustainable work environments

Our approach is not focussed on agile for agile's sake but puts the client's needs at the centre of agile coaching.

The overarching question that drives us is


"What job is agile supposed to be doing and how can agile coaching enable the work to get done effectively and efficiency whilst ensuring team safety."

Our training and development offerings include courses, workshops and mentoring services.
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Targeted at specific competencies

1-2 day workshops based on the Responsive Agile Coaching conversation model. These sessions focus on how we communicate and collaborate with others as we get work done together.


These workshops can be done as a series of short sessions or as a 1-2 day block of time.

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Business Meeting


Certified Agile Coaching courses

Our  agile coaching training courses align with and are accredited by the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile). 

This course is underpinned by the Responsive Agile Coaching model whilst also being aligned with ICAgile learning outcomes.

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Custom learning co-designed with you

Niall and the Academy team are available to consult to organisations who are exploring ways to uplift their internal agile coaching capability.


Using a blend of workshops and training a bespoke approach is co-designed with you to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution.

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