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Are you starting your agile coaching career?

I've spent years training, hiring and mentoring hundreds of agile coaches towards greatness.

A book for beginner or intermediate agile coaches who want to set their career up for greatness.

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Why I had to write a book on agile coaching

I've coached, mentored, trained and worked with hundereds of coaches who have followed a development path that  is overdue for change. This video is my pitch on why change is required.

A new model for great agile coaching

So what do great agile coaches actually do; what outcomes do they achieve? Here's a short video with my take.

A new way to look at agile coach development 

Here's a short explainer on what agile coaching 2.0 is and why its important for beginner coaches.

Who is Niall?

I'm a coach and mentor to agile coaches.

I've been a coach my whole working life, firstly in professional sports, then leadership and for the last 10 years, agile transformation.

I have a day job running a Ways of Working Academy for a large Australian corporate but I also work with motivated individuals as a coach/mentor whilst taking on the odd speaking engagement.

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